GlobalNet - DATAIX and Telia Carrier has launched a new 2X 100G route connecting Moscow and ST-Petersburg

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31 Aug 2016

DATAIX and Telia Carrier has launched a new 2X 100G route connecting Moscow and ST-Petersburg


DATAIX and Telia Carrier has enlarge capacity between Moscow and St. Petersburg 2*100Gbps 

Last week, the team of traffic exchange international network DATAIX, in cooperation with the Russian representatives of the Swedish telecommunications company Telia Carrier, successfully completed a project to increase the core network capacity up to 200Gbps on one of the tracks, on the St. Petersburg – Moscow. Within this project DWDM Long System -Haul and 100G Base LR4 standard modules were implemented . The project was done in accordance with the contract terms. The organization of 2 channels of 100 Gbit / was interesting and completely new experience for DATAIX.

"It became clear that the download of traffic exchange network DATAIX is growing rapidly, due to the increase of project participants (currently AS number network exceeds 340), pallets and their accession" weighting "of the Content. So at the beginning of 2016 we decided to search for 2 strategic partners for the key route - Moscow to St. Petersburg. We expect that the loading at the site will be 400Gbps at the most "peak" loading season –end of the year. We analyzed the proposals of transmission system operators and as a result of long negotiations the operator Telia Carrier, through its Russian representative of "Telia Carrier Russia ,was selected as the first strategic partner for long time copperation. DATAIX team thanks the partner for the fulfillment of all commitments, and the high professional level, as shown in the implementation of the contract. At the moment, the main channels are tested and taken into operation, "- said Roman Venediktov, head of the DATAIX company.

Commercial Director of Telia Carrier Russia, Ilya Bulaev, said: "We appreciate that DATAIX company chose Telia Carrier Russia as a strategic partner for the implementation of the network traffic on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg on channels 100Gbps. This project which was successfully implemented on the Telia Carrier network, is an example which shows that our company is always ready to support and implement the demands of its customers at the highest technological level. We have no doubt that based on the long-term partnership, professionalism and experience of our company, DATAIX team will successfully implement all its plans."

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.