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02 Feb 2017

The results of 2016 year


At the end of 2016,the exchange DATAIX traffic network includes 344 ASN from Russia, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic countries, as well as the Europe countries. In 2016 to the DATAIX network were joined Hurricane Electric, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. ISPs and content providers.

Peak load of the network in 2016 has exceeded 2.2 Tbps. There were implemented 3 new points of presence. In 2016 the total capacity between Moscow and St. Petersburg was increased up to 400 Gbps.

The network connected 1615 customers’ ports with a bandwidth of 1, 10, 40 and 100 Gbps. The number of prefixes in the network exceed 23K of IPv4 and 600 of IPv6. In 2016, the DATAIX customers has got option to establish a direct session with and further increase the number of available prefixes 40K of IPv4 and 16K of IPv6.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.