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08 Dec 2023

New DATAIX Member


Introducing Telecall, the newest member of DATAIX!

Hailing from Brazil, Telecall is a leading telecom company that specializes in providing a range of services, including broadband and dedicated Internet access, telephony, and network infrastructure design.

Through GlobalNet/DATAIX reseller program, Console Connect has helped Telecall seamlessly and easily connect to DATAIX to unlock new peering opportunities. DATAIX is accessible to Telecall via Console Connect’s leading Network-as-a-Service platform, offering a bundled solution of high-performance connectivity and remote peering without the need for Telecall to be physically present at the Internet Exchange.

Console Connect enables users to self-provision high-performance connections within a global ecosystem using a global, private network. This ecosystem interconnects enterprises, networks, clouds, SaaS, IoT, and application providers.

With access to 560 networks spanning Eurasia and a total peak load of approximately 7 Tbps, DATAIX offers unparalleled connectivity. To experience efficient connectivity at a location of your choice, simply submit a request at or reach out to

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.