GlobalNet - The new capabilities of Arbor TMS within GlobalNet and its DATAIX network

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18 Jul 2023

The new capabilities of Arbor TMS within GlobalNet and its DATAIX network


There're three new features added on to the DDoS Protection and IX DDoS Protection services as well as general user experience on the platform.

1. Custom protection settings

The automatically generated flowspec rules within DDoS Protection can now be customized to suit customers' requirements. The system recognizes UDP-Based as well as TCP attacks depending on the pre-set patterns of threats countermeasures.

2. Advanced traffic filtering.

With IX DDoS Protection the whole client's traffic can be cleared. Upon a widespread attack, our system clears the traffic not just the targeted hosting line, but all the way to the /24 prefix level.

3. Improved platform performance

The performance of the entire system has noticeably improved, and more options have been added to the client's Personal Account:

  • direct mitigation control;
  • countermeasures starting and shutting down;
  • clearing all network traffic.

Get a free trial period of using Arbor TMS by submitting a request on or via Our specialists will help you choose an individual plan to counter threats that will satisfy the needs of your network.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.