GlobalNet - Strengthen your malicious attack mitigation with IX DDoS Protection.

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14 Jul 2023

Strengthen your malicious attack mitigation with IX DDoS Protection.


GlobalNet/DATAIX offers access to Arbor TMS to every DATAIX member free of charge.

IX DDoS Protection is a traffic cleaning system that is able to identify a threat and discard "infected" traffic by returning legitimate packets to the participant. Once a DDoS attack is detected the Arbor TMS announces a /32 protected prefix with a modified next-hop to all DATAIX members. This procedure does not affect the receiving of other prefixes.

To fully combat the attacks within the international peer-to-peer DATAIX network right now you should:

1. Authorize the receiving of the /32 prefix from the 0:65500 community server

2. Contact us either via or Telegram chat with your manager.

Installation of the /32 protected prefix is another step towards ensuring the security of all our peering network. Become a part of the secured IX community today!

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.