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10 Apr 2017

Acquaintance with new network members


The membership of DATAIX network members is constantly growing and we want to introduce you to some of them: TrunkMobile, Marosnet, Aichor hosting, IBS-DATAFort and M9 Telecom


Since 2008, CJSC "TrunkMobile" provides communication services in the territory of the Russian Federation. The main nodes of the transmission network of CJSC "TrunkMobile" are located on well-known sites, such as: ММТС9, ММТС10, М5, М47, as well as MGTS support nodes such as М684, M718, M391, etc. Rich experience in providing communication services And technical expertise, allow the company TranMobile CJSC to guarantee to the client companies the efficiency of connection, high quality of communication, uninterrupted operation and a wide range of telecommunication services of the highest quality.


M9 Telecom.

Multiservice network M9com was established in March 2001 to unite the computers of residents and organizations of the Airport-Sokol district of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow into a single information space and share Internet access. Their network is a part of the project of peering of Moscow networks, to all their subscribers is available more than 1000 file and game servers, web resources, forums and chats of various subjects. The total amount of resources is measured in hundreds of terabytes.



The data center of Marosnet is located in Moscow, in a closed protected area of ​​the IQ-Park business center. Has 7 interchangeable channels of communication with the Internet from different suppliers of 10 gigabit each. In order to ensure reliability and fault tolerance, many security measures are provided, among them: uninterruptible power system, automated gas fire extinguishing system, video surveillance system inside and outside the building. The data center capacity is N server racks of M units each.


Aichor hosting.

Moscow hosting provider, founded in 2000. It is a project of the company "Marosnet". The equipment is located in the same data center with a Tier III reliability level, which has 7 communication channels to leading operators and traffic exchange networks.

Virtual hosting on SSD disks: support for PHP versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, MySQL, SSL, IMAP, POP3, SMTP. And also: FTP access, automatic installation of CMS, data backup.


IBS DataFort.

IBS DataFort is a major provider of IT outsourcing services in the Russian market. It is one of the five largest service providers in Russia. With a unique expertise in the field of IT operation, it offers services in the maintenance of information systems and support for individual IT functions, including data center services; Management of mail systems, workstations, business applications, IT infrastructure and networks; Business continuity services.


Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.