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25 Aug 2017

DATAIX – 8 years of travel


August 25, the team of the international peer-to-peer network DATAIX celebrates its 8th birthday, remembering how it was.

For 8 years, the company has moved from a start-up with a staff of 5 people to a peer-to-peer network, distributed across 4 countries, with 22 points of connection to the network, with the Ukrainian representation and the most requested content, not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in the world - VK, Mail, Google, Facebook, Microsoft. Everything started with an innovative idea in the inter-operator market: Provide direct access to telecom operators for the most popular content of the Runet, which was the social network Vkontakte.

The first communication center was placed in the Information Exchange Center, ul. Big Marine 18 in St. Petersburg in 2009, it was here that the first operators were connected. The DATAIX team expresses great respect and gratitude to the company WestCall, which first believed in the innovative idea of ​​DATAIX and, most interestingly, is a member of the network to the present.

Then there was a rapid development in Russia and Ukraine. The number of network participants was constantly growing in 2009 - 9 AS, 2010 - 33 AS, 2015 -322 AS, 2017 - 360 AS. The network load in 2017 reached 2.5 Tbit / s.

On direct routes DATAIX transfers from 20 to 40% of the traffic of the operator of communication.

With the growth of the number of inter-operator traffic and content, the level of interest to the DATAIX peer-to-peer network from national operators of the CIS countries also increased. At the moment, Ukrtelecom, Kazakhtelecom, Beltelecom, Moldtelecom are connected to the network. There is a demand for DATAIX connectivity on the part of European countries.

To develop international cooperation, the company has taken a number of measures, including the opening of the international development department, participation in the international organization European Internet Exchange Association, organization of the backbone network and the opening of connection points in Frankfurt (Germany). In the near future - the opening of a connection point in Stockholm.

Now DATAIX is more than just an interesting innovative idea, DATAIX is a company with its traditions, reputation and history at 8 years old. To all the participants, partners, employees and friends of DATAIX, we say thank you for the joint work and support!

Sincerely yours, Team DATAIX.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.