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15 Nov 2017

DATAIX continues westward expansion


In October 2017, the international internet exchange network DATAIX has established new point of presence in the capital of Sweden - Stockholm, at the following address: Esbogatan, 11, Kista. Now DATAIX has PoPs across 5 different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany and Sweden. "We continue our expansion into the countries of Western Europe. The opening of a new node is the next step in accordance with the development strategy. Now, Russian ISPs and content providers connected to DATAIX network will have more potential to exchange traffic with the EU countries. For the EU and international DATAIX members it means new option for the direct connection to Russian market. Moreover, Stockholm is a city with a well-developed start-up community that strives to expand its ties with companies from Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. Therefore, the opening of a new DATAIX node will be a benefit for European business as well."- says the head of DATAIX, Roman Venediktov. Interxion Holding NV, founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, is now Europe's leading provider of cloud and colocation services. The company's network includes 48 energy-efficient data centers in 11 European countries located in major cities, such as: London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Madrid. The network Interxion includes more than six hundred providers of Internet connection services around the world. DATAIX is a traffic exchange network for ISPs and content providers of Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia. 22 PoPs are located in 5 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany and Sweden. The key idea is deployment of international peer to peer network for ISPs and content providers. Founded in 2009, nowadays DATAIX connects more than 350 unique ASes, of which 80% are ISPs, 20% - content providers. From now, Russian ISPs will have even more European content. In turn, European ISPs get more opportunities for the direct connection to international peer-to-peer network DATAIX.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.