GlobalNet - Result of 2018: the main achievements of Dataix

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18 Feb 2019

Result of 2018: the main achievements of Dataix


Traditionally, the international peering network DATAIX recalls the main events and sums up the past year

The number of network members has maintained a growth trend. So, according to the results of 2018, more than 400 ASN from 19 countries of the world are members of the network, which is 11% more than last year. Peak load increased by 12% compared with 2017 and amounted to 2.8 Tb / s. The total number of client ports in the network increased by 2 times and by the end of the year amounted to 3403 ports with a capacity of 1.10, 40 and 100 Gbit / s. At the same time, the number of ports per 100 Gbit / s increased more than 10 times and reached 247! Compared to 2017, the number of IPv4 prefixes on the network increased by 53% and approached the figure of 38000, while the number of IPv6 prefixes increased by 91% and exceeds the mark of 1700. Additionally, network participants have access to IPv4 in the amount of 116118, and IPv6 - by setting the direct session with Hurricane Electric. An important event in 2018 was the completion of the merger transaction with the main operator GlobalNet, on the basis of the infrastructure of which both companies now operate. The total length of joint networks is more than 7,000 km, including its own trunk lines in the section Moscow - St. Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm. We are the first in Russia to launch the newest scalable DWDM platform Ciena Waveserver AI, which has the best-in-class coherent technology and IT functionality Webscale. And now, at a single wavelength, the bandwidth on the Stockholm-Moscow route is 200 gigabits (without re-reception), and on the Moscow-St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg-Stockholm lines, the speed reaches 300G. Thank you for choosing DATAIX!

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.