GlobalNet - Amsterdam Traffic Peak Load Update

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24 Apr 2024

Amsterdam Traffic Peak Load Update


DATAIX Internet Exchange in Amsterdam has achieved a new bandwidth milestone with a 3.2 Tbps peak load. The majority of incoming traffic in the city comes from large international content generators, complemented by significant local traffic from Internet Service Providers.

The current peak traffic load among all DATAIX members is nearly 7.5 Tbps, demonstrating steady weekly growth of 100 Gbps over the past month.

Connecting to DATAIX in Amsterdam offers key advantages in terms of reliability and resilience, including:

1. Distributed Redundant Network Infrastructure with cross-connect capability across 11 PoPs in Amsterdam. Key locations such as DRT AMS9, Nikhef, and Equinix AM4/3, AM5, and AM6 ensure smooth connectivity for our Internet Exchange members. DATAIX has both switching points and a presence in important transit data centers, facilitating comprehensive city-wide connectivity.

2. Simultaneous Connection in Dual Nodes ensures a protected connection for peering. GlobalNet/DATAIX's distributed architecture provides optimal fault tolerance. In the event of a data center failure or a loss of signal on one of the routes, your session remains active. Additionally, a link loss between data centers does not result in a loss of connectivity between networks, thanks to our use of bypass routes.

3. Access to GlobalNet Backbones enables enhanced connectivity and links to multiple cities from Amsterdam, including Stockholm and Frankfurt. DATAIX thus offers its customers fully reserved architectural options not only within Amsterdam but across Europe.

Experience effortless connectivity with DATAIX in Amsterdam. Connect now to tap into terabytes of local and international traffic seamlessly by filling out the request form at

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.