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18 Mar 2024

GlobalNet/DATAIX 2023 Annual Report


Presenting the results and revealing the data for 2023.

A full version of the report is available at the link.

During the whole year there was a rapid increase in the number of autonomous systems reaching 617 ASNs members. That was an incredible growth of 67 ASNs in the DATAIX network throughout the year. Moreover, there was a growth of points of presence rising from 59 to 69 due to new sites equipment placing in Sofia, Berlin, Singapore and other major cities within the partner network. 

The DATAIX network recorded a peak load value at 6.8 Tbps in December 2023 having demonstrated a stable annual growth of 17% in the last 4 years. This was also evident in the total capacity of DATAIX ports making it 265.2 Tbps. The number of IPv4 prefixes was 151 990, but the number of IPv6 prefixes rose to 56 570, which was an increase by 20% for the year. 

It is also worth mentioning our partnership program development. The number of connections to DATAIX in the regions far from the our PoPs increased by 60% over the last year, thanks to the resellers of the DATAIX service in Amsterdam, Sofia, Frankfurt and other European locations. Another achievement demonstrating an excellent collaboration result in 2023 was the peering in DATAIX to 15 end customers facilitated by 9 partner companies.

July 2023 was also a significant month for GlobalNet marked by the successful launch of the Singapore segment of the DATAIX peering network, named DATAIX-SG. GlobalNet, in collaboration with its partner, established local peering in Singapore and secured a presence at 5 PoPs within the Asian City-state by launching backbone and connecting the data centers.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.