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26 Jan 2024

One-stop network solution: Ethernet and VLAN


GlobalNet is a communications infrastructure that provides a full range of network services to meet your business needs.

Besides our well-known DATAIX Internet Exchange and DWDM services, GlobalNet has several physical and logical convenient and reliable network solutions. Let’s have a closer look at how we set up these connections.

As part of our VLAN service, we create Ethernet connections between any nodes at the customer's request. This can be your offices, servers and equipment at our 67 locations across Europe as well as in our newly opened Singapore location. Moreover, we are able to provide Ethernet connectivity by adding a VLAN to the same port with our DATAIX service, be it a new or an existing customer.

Our products and services provide flexible connectivity anywhere you request. The port for Ethernet service can also have any capacity up to 400G. It all depends on the needs of your network, whether you have had a connection to DATAIX before or not.

Boost your connectivity with GlobalNet VLAN service from any network PoP connecting over 60 data centers across Europe. Make a request to get the service set up on either or

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.