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IP Transit

General information

The connection to the global network via optical fiber communication system using 10G/40G/100G and 400G ports. 

IP-Transit is an inter-operator level service providing uninterrupted connection to the internet using the BGP protocol of dynamic routing. The connection is carried out on AS (automatic systems) level.

The GlobalNet backbone network is based on its own optical fiber infrastructure with a bandwidth of 800G per wavelength. This allows the company to offer uninterrupted connection to the network, helps avoid system overloading and guarantees a steady development of the network infrastructure. During the last 15 years our company has been providing consistent traffic transit for the world's biggest content providers, ISPs, hosting providers, data centers and other major industry leading telecommunication companies.

Using our own backbone infrastructure, we connect clients to the global network via BGP protocol with IPv4 and IPv6 prefix support. 

We help sort out the ongoing problems of ever increasing volume of processed data by connecting via 400G ports instead of 4 ports of 100G. 

The technical specifications of IP-Transit:

- SLA 99.95% guarantees connection without fail, prompt technical support and maintenance;

- Dual-stack of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols;

- Direct access to Tier-1 ISPs;

- Connection via 1G/10G/40G/100G and 400G ports;

- Connection via fiber-optic cable, Ethernet and dedicated communication channels.

More information about IP-Transit service is available on the RIPE NCC.

Direct access

Direct access

to the most popular internet resources
Declining costs

Declining costs

due to own DWDM-network
Widespread transit network

Widespread transit network

Backbone infrastructure and 60+ PoPs in Europe and Asia

Our capabilities

The use of modern technologies allows us to guarantee clients high reliability and excellent communication quality.

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