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Map of GlobalNet backbone networks

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Map of GlobalNet backbone networks


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Backbone Provider

GlobalNet is a reliable partner for telecom operators and corporate clients

Backbone Provider

Total bandwidth of the channels is 38,4 Tbps

Backbone Provider

Maximum bandwidth per a wavelength is 800 Gbps

DATAIX Traffic Exchange Network

500+ connected autonomous systems

DATAIX Traffic Exchange Network

40+ PoPs

Map of backbone networks

We provide international information and communication infrastructure using the capabilities of our own backbone network.


Overall channel bandwidth


Maximum bandwidth per a wavelength


Total length of networks


Network availability

Project experience


TELE2 became a member of the DATAIX network in 2019."We would like to thank the GlobalNet team for their professional approach and high-quality service. Over the past year, we have managed to improve traffic routes and reduce the costs of communication channels, thanks to the fault tolerance and rel...


KazTransCom JSC arranged DATAIX testing in May 2018"We want to note the professional approach and quality service provided by the DATAIX network.The GlobalNet team from the beginning to the end of testing fully maintained us at each stage of this project. We also would like to note that service crit...

Milekom LLC

"Since 2012, DATAIX has been an irreplaceable partner for us to connect to many content resources of the Runet and the World Wide Web. We would like to note the presence of highly qualified specialists in GlobalNet, thanks to whom the company provides competent and effective technical support. Also,...

X-Trim LLC

X-Trim has been working together with GlobalNet since 2016.Good connectivity, a large list of connected networks, and internet resources allow not only improve traffic routes but reduce costs on communication channels. Flexible tariffs, professionalism of technical managers, and proposed technical s...

Intersvyaz CJSC

GlobalNet/DATAIX is a priority operator for us to connect to many local and global content generators. In particular, having a direct BGP session with some social networks, gaming, and hosting platforms, we can redistribute traffic at our discretion, regardless of transit operators. There are practi...

First TVCH

"Satellite broadcasting of a signal depends on many factors, such as weather, coverage area, changes in the technical parameters of the signal broadcast.Signing an agreement with DATAIX significantly expands the geography of terrestrial signal broadcasting and allows the delivery of TV channels over...

Raskom CJSC

Our company carries out traffic exchange to improve connectivity. We have been working with GlobalNet for a long time and we can easily say that GlobalNet is a team of open, positive, result-oriented professionals in their field....

Mayak Network LLC

«On behalf of the «Mayak network» company I congratulate you on that event (DATAIX's note: FACEBOOK connection)!I wish you success and prosperity!»...

The First Internet Channel JSC

Using the DATAIX network for signal transmission, the First Internet Channel TV Company was able to significantly increase its user base. Due to the fault tolerance and reliability of the DATAIX network, all test connections of regional operators have passed into a contractual relationship. Addition...

Ufanet JSC

Ufanet has been cooperating with GlobalNet since 2011.The Globalnet/DATAIX team is very attentive to the needs of our company, providing a good connection with Runet and other Internet resources.The advantage of the operator GlobalNet LLC is that it uses redundant communication capacity, which contr...