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Map of GlobalNet backbone networks


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General information

DATAIX is the international allocated secure peer-to-peer network for traffic exchange between telecom operators and content generators.

55 points of presence are located in 8 countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

You can learn more about the participants of the DATAIX peer-to-peer network in Looking Glass, RIPE NCC.

Link to the network map.

Welcome Peering

GlobalNet has launched a special offer: test DATAIX and get X-connect for free!

The Welcome Peering promo makes it easier to connect to DATAIX peer-to-peer network for companies operating in Western Europe and Scandinavia. Now the connection to DATAIX with 10G port is absolutely free for two years and with 100G – for one year! 

Just leave a request on our website or write us to

IX DDoS Protection

A unique service for DDoS protection inside the network is available to DATAIX participants at no additional cost. 

In order to connect to the service, participants must allow the reception of /32 prefixes with community 0:65500 from the DATAIX server router.

Direct access

Direct access

to the most popular internet resources
Up to 40% of traffic

Up to 40% of traffic

switch to the best routes
New features

New features

unique peer-to-peer resources
Free trial period

Free trial period

for new members
Reducing costs

Reducing costs

to external internet access channels
Protection against DDoS attacks within the network

Protection against DDoS attacks within the network

for all DATAIX participants

Our idea

The creation of a geographically allocated peer-to-peer network for traffic exchange between operators and content generators.


Points of presence in a merged DATAIX traffic exchange network


The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan


The length of the GlobalNet backbone networks

Currently, the project involves


internet service providers


content generators

Participant type
All participants
Telegram Messenger Inc
Telegram Messenger Inc

ASN: 62041


ASN: 15169


ASN: 46489


ASN: 32934

Customer reviews

А. А. Alibaeva

KazTransCom JSC arranged DATAIX testing in May 2018 "We want to note the professional approach and quality ...

Team Intersvyaz
Team IntersvyazIntersvyaz CJSC

GlobalNet/DATAIX is a priority operator for us to connect to many local and global content generators. In p...

Stefan Stankov
Stefan StankovTelehouse Bulgaria

Great platform, great opportunities, never had an outage or trouble with our traffic since May when our com...

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