GlobalNet - The new route Saint-Petersburg - Moscow

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14 вер 2020

The new route Saint-Petersburg - Moscow


GlobalNet has launched the unique DWDM highway running along expressway M-11 «Neva».

New DWDM line is our second backbone route between Saint Petersburg and Moscow.The first fiber line was opened using energy infrastructure in 2017.

It is also worth noting that these fiber lines don’t intersect with each other even for a meter!

We made the protected service that ensures that risk is mitigated for any potential outage by making the access network double.

The two routes are fitted up with the latest WaveLogic 5 telecommunications equipment supplied by global network provider Ciena. It allows traffic at speeds of 600 Gbps on one wavelength between Saint Petersburg and Moscow and covers bandwidth’s capacity requirements for the upcoming several years. A single vendor equipment allows to optimize costs and increase the speed and efficiency of emergency and preventive maintenance due to unified spare parts and accessories in warehouses!

 We are proud to announce the start of sales. Uplinks with any capacity are available for rent. If you want to start using the new route please refer to our managers. We will be glad to help you to be among the first!

Best regards, GlobalNet Team

З повагою, команда GlobalNet.