GlobalNet - DATAIX FULL-Year results for 2020

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04 лют 2021

DATAIX FULL-Year results for 2020


The number of participants connecting to the network DATAIX continues to grow. By the end of the last year 451 ASNs from 7 countries have already connected to us.  

The peak network load has increased by 28% and reached 3,8 Tb/sec in comparison with 2019. 

Total capacity of the customers ports is over 100 TBIT/S!

By the end of the year total number of customer designated ports was 4054. It is 24% more than in 2019. 

Quantity of 100 Gb/sec ports is 732 now – 140% more than a year ago!

Number of IPv4 prefixes is about 133 thousand and IPv6 prefixes – about 27 thousand.

GlobalNet had opened the unique DWDM highway running along expressway M-11 «Neva» between Saint Petersburg and Moscow. This DWDM line is the second backbone route, and also the shortest, between these cities. We made the protected service that mitigates the risk of any potential outage by making the doubled network access.

Our team developed and launched the chat bot. Now you can create, edit and even close applications for technical support GlobalNet/DATAIX in the Telegram messenger! 

In 2020, we also upgraded and deployed the first 800G network in Russia! This upgrade allows us to offer unique, high-performance connectivity services to our customers.

Best regards, GlobalNet Team

З повагою, команда GlobalNet.