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08 черв 2022

Welcome Peering


GlobalNet is launching a special offer: test DATAIX and get X-connect for free!

GlobalNet is launching a special offer: test DATAIX and get X-connect for free!

The Welcome Peering promo makes it easier to connect to DATAIX peer-to-peer network for companies operating in Western Europe and Scandinavia. Now the connection to DATAIX with 10G port is absolutely free for two years and with 100G – for one year! 

We will also take care of cross-connect in data centers in Western Europe and Scandinavia we are present:

  • Amsterdam - Nikhef, Equinix AM3, Equinix AM4, Equinix AM5 and Equinix AM6
  • Frankfurt am Main - Interxion FRA1-15 and Equinix FR5
  • Stockholm - InterXion STO1-6 (Esbogatan, 11) and Equinix SK1
  • Helsinki - Digita (Radiokatu 5) and Nebula oy Lauttasaari (Kiviaidankatu 2H)

The offer is limited. Don't hesitate to contact us by leaving a request on to learn more.

Would you like to take a "Welcome Peering" offer? We are looking forward to fill you in the details of the promotion and organize a cross-connection in a location convenient for you!

Just leave a request on our website or write us to

З повагою, команда GlobalNet.