GlobalNet - DATAIX involved 338 autonomous systems

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21 Jan 2016

DATAIX involved 338 autonomous systems


 At the end of 2015, in an international exchange network traffic DATAIX involved 338 autonomous systems of national and international network operators and content generators.

 Operating a network volume is more than 21 million IPv4 networks, and more than 600 IPv6 networks. 19 communication centers for inclusion in the network are located in four countries: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Kazakhstan.

 All points are combined into a single distributed network of trunk channels, of which the maximum total amount of channel capacity on the distance Moscow - St. Petersburg and is 310 Gbit / s.

 Currently, as part of a distributed network of the company operating more than a thousand ports for inclusion, of which more than 80% of port throughput capacity 10Gbit / sec.

 The maximum network load was recorded December 6, 2015 and reached 2Tbit / sec.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.