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17 Mar 2022

GlobalNet reports full-year results for 2021


GlobalNet has published its results for the year, which show main achievements occurred over that time.

The number of new customers of DATAIX has picked up during the year. The main reason for connecting to peer-to-peer network was the growing need to obtain direct access to the most demanded Internet resources.

The connection of the 500th participant to DATAIX has become one of the key events of the year. Now more than 500 ASNs from 36 countries are its participants!

Last December the peak load of DATAIX has reached 4,8 Tbps which shows annual growth by 17% (2019 – 3,0 Tbps, 2020 – 4,1 Tbps). 

By the end of the last year total capacity of all DATAIX ports has reached 104,5 Tbps. Number of IPv4 prefixes is about 144 thousand and IPv6 prefixes more than 45 thousand! The quantity of all ports is 4002 (1G – 192, 10G – 2985, 100G – 697). 

In 2021 the Ethernet 400G technology was implemented on the GlobalNet’s network. For that reason, it is possible to connect to our network in Stockholm, Frankfurt and Amsterdam using one 400G port instead of four 100G ports. 

We’ve built new DWDM backbone infrastructure between Stockholm – Copenhagen – Hamburg – Amsterdam – Frankfurt. 

New PoPs were added in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. 

The total number Points of presence in 8 countries has reached from 38 to 48. 

It should be especially noted the launch of a unique IX DDoS Protection service to protect DATAIX members against DDoS attacks. For using this option our customers must set up the receiving of prefix /32 with a certain community 0:65500 from DATAIX route servers.

The project is fully carried out by GlobalNet specialists and it is available to clients at no cost.

Full report.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.