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16 Oct 2023

GlobalNet's new PoP in Digital Realty's AMS9


Brand new Point of Presence in Amsterdam

GlobalNet has chosen Digital Realty as its partner for a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Amsterdam. Data center location AMS9 will provide the international Internet Service Provider (ISP) access to DATAIX, IP and connectivity services. In addition to Amsterdam, GlobalNet has DRT PoPs in FRA15 in Frankfurt and STO1 in Stockholm.

Digital Realty's data center was chosen for its robust infrastructure, critical energy solutions, and sustainability initiatives. Positioned strategically within Amsterdam, the data center serves as an ideal launchpad for our European presence and global expansion. GlobalNet's PoP in AMS9 allows their customers' network to run at full potential while protecting digital operations and data.

"We are delighted to welcome GlobalNet to our AMS9 data center," said Andreas Polyrakis, Director of Strategy & Business Development Connectivity at Digital Realty. "GlobalNet's expanded network enhances the already robust connectivity and peering base within our Amsterdam data centers and enriches the options available to our customers and our value to them. In addition, with the new PoP, we continue to build for the future and improve the connectivity of the Amsterdam Science Park. We look forward to supporting GlobalNet in even more markets in the future."

"Our experiences at FRA15 in Frankfurt and STO1 in Stockholm have shown that Digital Realty is a reliable and responsible partner," said Maxim Pozdnyakov, Chief Strategy Officer of GlobalNet. "Digital Realty is fully committed to protecting their customers' networks and ensuring operational quality, sustainability and business continuity. The connection with AMS9 allows us to meet the growing demands of our customers while keeping their operations running smoothly." 

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.