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01 Mar 2021

New members of the DATAIX peer-to-peer network


The reach of our network continues to grow, more and more participants are joining DATAIX

We are pleased to introduce our new partners: Sberbank, Southern Trunk lines of communication, Multiservice Systems, Avanta Telecom, GC Garantia.

Sberbank is a Russian financial conglomerate, the largest multinational and universal bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Southern trunk communication lines — the company leases trunk data transmission channels on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Multiservice Systems is a company that owns its own fiber-optic infrastructure in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.

Avanta Telecom is an Internet provider that provides comprehensive communication services on the territory of Krasnodar and its suburban settlements.

GC Garantia provides communication services in Kolomna. It has an optical network with a length of more than a thousand kilometers.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.