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03 Mar 2021

GlobalNet launched IX DDoS Protection


By joining together to protect against DDoS attacks, DATAIX participants organize the most secure traffic exchange network.

Today we are at a new stage in the history of GlobalNet/DATAIX – this year a new feature of "PROTECTED" was added to the description of our peer-to-peer network.

We feel the same feelings of pride as in 2009th when we were the first to assign the concept of a "distributed" network to DATAIX.

Our team has done a lot of work to launch a unique service IX DDoS Protection, developed on the basis of the network protection system against DDoS attacks IX Security 32.

The project is fully implemented by GlobalNet specialists.

Now, in the event of a possible attack, malicious traffic will get into the Arbor TMS cleaning system and return to our participants cleaned and legitimate.

To connect the service and fully repel attacks, participants must allow receiving /32 prefixes with a certain community 0:65500 from our router servers.

We are very much counting on the prompt inclusion of the option from all our participants - only together we will create a unique community of supporters of protected traffic.

Now the rule of good form in DATAIX will be to accept the /32 prefixes in order to be able to protect other participants while they will protect you.

To activate the option, after allowing the reception of prefixes /32, message us by email or to your client chat in Telegram.

The IX DDoS Protection service is available to all DATAIX participants at no additional charge.

The main thing is to tell us about your desire to connect in any way convenient for you.

Set up reception /32 and become a responsible DATAIX member!

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.