GlobalNet - Countering DDoS attacks Statistics in January

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22 Feb 2023

Countering DDoS attacks Statistics in January


Last month Arbor Sightline detection and network traffic-analysis system recorded 611 potentially malicious events. A third of them fell on protected clients and were processed by the Arbor TMS as part of the DDoS Protection service.

Of the previously unreported types of threats, we highlight the amplified DDoS attacks that regularly pass through our network. Hackers implement them using proxy systems that mask the accurate sources of attacks.

To protect against such threats, GlobalNet/DATAIX offers a flexible system for cleaning the malicious component of traffic, which redirects it to the geographically distributed Arbor Threat Mitigation System.

Learn more about the DDoS Protection service and get a free trial period of using Arbor TMS by leaving a request on

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.