GlobalNet - Expansion of Nikhef node capacity

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04 Jan 2023

Expansion of Nikhef node capacity


The GlobalNet/DATAIX team have modernised the connection point on the Nikhef platform in Amsterdam.

The DWDM technology made the connection between Nikhef and AM4, AM5 data centres possible. Bandwidth in this segment reached 800 Gbps per wavelength. All the changes that have been made have met our high standards in reservation and reliability, which guarantees uninterrupted connection to our data centre services. Moreover, we have updated our tech stack. Due to our state-of-the-art switching equipment we have expanded our portal capacity point offering connection via 10G and 100G ports. 

The GlobalNet/DATAIX services have received a warm welcome on the Nikhef data centre platform by its clients such as, local and international network providers, hosting providers, content generators etc. There is a free of charge connection to the network via 10G and 100G ports offering for new customers! Learn more and make a request for connection on

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.