GlobalNet - Countering DDoS attacks Statistics in November

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22 Dec 2022

Countering DDoS attacks Statistics in November


Last month 326 unique DDoS attacks were recorded in the IX traffic. The Arbor Sightline attack detection and counteraction system equally divides threats into three types:

TCP-flood and SYN-flood. These are malicious activities aimed at generating half-open connections, as well as identifying vulnerabilities in the TCP/IP services of IX clients.

IP/ICMP Fragmentation. These are volumetric DDoS attacks with fragmented UDP and ICMP packets. They are aimed at overloading the client's server resources when trying to assemble fragments of fake packages.

The remaining third of the attacks is approximately equally distributed by the number of other malicious signatures.

During the IP-Transit sessions in November, 43 detections were recorded. These are regular attacks that do not have a certain tendency.

GlobalNet provides free access to the Arbor TMS DDoS protection system to each DATAIX member at no additional cost. You can learn more about the service and submit a request for connection at

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.