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01 Dec 2022

Single Port for IX + IP-Transit


GlobalNet/DATAIX makes access to the global network simple and easy because of the combination of IX and IP-Transit in one physical interface. The advantages of the service are obvious:

1. No additional costs. There is no need to pay for the new X-Connects or for the renting of protected channels.

2. High Connectedness level. Peering in DATAIX along with access to the global network via Tier-1 operators provides Internet connection that can guarantee continuous work of modern ISP or content generator. 

3. Flexible Tarification. Choose a mixed IX+IP-Transit tariff or a separate tariffication for each service.

The IX+IP-Transit bundle is most effective if you want to get full connectivity and uninterrupted Internet access in one port. At the same time, you can add other services to a single physical interface: Remote-IX, DDoS Protection, and Network Support.

The joint connection of our services is available in each of the 55 PoPs around the world. Please make an inquiry on or via email:

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.