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13 Sep 2020

The new route Saint Petersburg — Moscow


GlobalNet has launched a new DWDM route running along the M11 Neva highway.

The new fiber-optic line is the second main route of GlobalNet on the St. Petersburg-Moscow section.

The first route between the cities has been launched on the energy infrastructure in 2017. Today we are ready to offer our customers reserved DWDM channels on two routes.

It is worth noting that the routes do not intersect even a meter, and in cities, they come to different data centers.

The two tracks are set with telecommunications equipment from global supplier Ciena of the latest WaveLogic 5 product line. It allows one to pass traffic at a speed of 600 Gbit/s on the same wavelength between these cities and provides a margin for the bandwidth for several years to come. Using the equipment of a single supplier allows us to optimize costs and increase the speed and efficiency of emergency and preventive work due to the unified spare parts in warehouses.

Important information

The new fiber optic line is laid in the cable sewer along the M-11 road with regulated access to infrastructure, which significantly reduces the risks of accidents along the route associated with cable damage.

We are proud to announce the start of sales, because the new M11 Neva route from GlobalNet is a unique backbone track:

— low latency and high throughput,

— new high-tech equipment,

— automatic reservation capability.

Data transmission channels with any bandwidth are already available for rent.

Sincerely, the GlobalNet team.